Thanksgiving in Switzerland


I moved to Switzerland in early November, 2005. I quite clearly remember being confronted with a whole bunch of new things, like taking public transportation (in German!), shopping in foreign grocery stores, figuring out the opening and closing times of shops (why was it randomly closed in the middle of the day or not open on Mondays?!) …. but what was REALLY concerning, was that Thanksgiving was fast approaching and I had no clue how or what or where to purchase or make all my favorite foods. We ended up lumping ourselves into an expat gathering, but I vowed that the next year I would once again be making it on my own!

I’ve put together a short little “cheat sheet” to help you along as you prepare for this delicious celebration.

Just click on this link: Thanksgiving in Switzerland Cheat Sheet 

And if you need recipes, I’ve gathered some of my favorites from around the web all in one spot – Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!