A few of the products from Maria Dolores

Meet María Dolores Mexican products + 3 great recipes!

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the brand María Dolores and their authentic Mexican salsas and sauces. I’m pretty shocked that I haven’t come across these delicious products before, and now that I’ve tasted them it will be impossible to return to the ones they sell in Coop and Migros. The flavors of these salsas and sauces are so fresh and authentic — as they should be – they are made from María’s own recipes, freshly jarred in Mexico, using authentic Mexican ingredients. Their products are sold in Globus (in-store and online), Ziano.ch, and several local Metzgerei around Switzerland.

María Dolores began in Switzerland 20 years ago, when María emigrated to Switzerland with her Swiss husband and her two children. Not being able to find the products she loved, she created her own delicious salsas, and later began to sell them locally in the farmer’s markets in Bern and Zürich. After returning to her native Mexico, she moved the production there and was able to utilize the fresh produce of Mexico. She has since returned to live in Switzerland, but twice a year her products are freshly prepared and jarred in Mexico and imported to Switzerland. Her daughter Dominique is now the head of the company, and oversees the production and sales.

A few of the products from Maria Dolores

We were pretty excited to get stuck-in and try the products, and bring you some great recipes to try.

Having grown up in Texas, I decided to go a little off the beaten bath and bring you two Tex-Mex recipes, as well as a Mexican classic. Using the prepared Adobo sauce, I did a riff on a West Texas classic, Pork Asado (click here for full recipe).

Then the next morning we whipped up another Texas classic breakfast dish using our leftover tortillas, the refried black beans and some jalapeños, the perennial Austin diner favorite – Migas (click here for full recipe)

And to finish we made a Mexican classic – Chicken in Mole Sauce, served with Salsa Verde Rice (click here for full recipe).

I hope you click on the recipes above and give them a try, as well as trying the recipes that María Dolores have listed on their website!

Let me know what you think — would you like to give these products or these recipes a try? Comment below!

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  1. I've only had lunch, but I'm getting hungry again, looking at your yummy pictures! I have never heard of that brand, and I'll certainly check them out when I'm at Globus next time. PS: a friend of mine posted this today, I think it's perfect: My idea of meal planning is as follows: Monday: fajitas Tuesday: tacos Wednesday: enchiladas Thursday: chicken chimichangas Friday: Mexican lasagna
  2. I'm a Southern California girl and I LOVE my salsa and hot sauce. These sound great!
  3. Yup I be taking all of these, I love hot salsa, and my Mexican meal. xx
  4. I love Mexican salsa! Good to know that you can try them out there.
  5. We're going to try all of these recipes!
  6. Definitely worth trying. Will look for the products the next ime I@m.in Globus.
  7. Looks delicious. We love mexican food and I also make my own salsa but these look so authentic I'm willing to give them a try!
    • Oh yeah they are authentic! Also from Mexico City, which has slightly different flavors from other regions. The salsas have a different taste than the supermarket kinds! The salsa verde is my favorite so far :)
  8. Dellafarfalla
    Wow - having visited Mexico many years ago I have been eternally frustrated at the "Mexican" products on offer in Europe. I will check these out, they look promising!
  9. Mexican food always sounds good to me. I'll take a look for these the next time I'm in Globus.

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