20 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

20 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Now that we are well into the start of school, and Autumn is rapidly approaching, you might be looking for new snack ideas for your kids! Whether for their school snack (Z’nüni) or an after school snack, these ideas will give them energy and long-lasting fuel for their day! The snacks below are things that my kids *actually* like to eat. I have not been too successful with things like red peppers or cherry tomatoes or hummus, but if your kids love those – that’s GREAT, we just have not had success yet! And as well, if you have some additional ideas you think we might like – share them in the comments! We love to try new snacks!

Here are 20 Great Snacks for Kids:

Apple Sandwiches with Nut Butter: Simply core an apple (I use an apple corer I bought in the supermarket), slice the apple thinly (peel first if your kids don’t like the peel) and spread with your nut butter or sun butter of choice. My personal favourite is peanut butter, but my kids like almond butter better!

Quick Applesauce Muffins – So simple and my kids love to help make these! You can use wholewheat flour and add in some grated veggies for extra nutrition!

Blueberry-Banana muffins, recipe by Martha Stewart, We love banana bread and blueberry muffins – why not a mashup of both??
(For Swiss readers: Wheat germ is called Weizenkeime, Here’s how to make your own brown sugar, and the butter amount is 113 grams)

No Bake Energy Bites, by Gimme Some Oven. We love these. Love!

Banana Bites with Nut Butter: Pretty easy, just spread some sliced banana with nut butter! I like to top ours with a bit of wheat germ for crunch and a sprinkling of unsweetened cocoa powder!

Ham and Cheese Kabobs: I like to use ham or salami and thread them onto skewers, but that pretzel idea seems genius — no waste and no kids using skewers as sharp stabby swords!. These are also a huge success for school potlucks or birthday parties!

No-Bake Brownie Granola Bars by the Minimalist Baker. Um, yummmy! What a great idea!

Fruit Kebabs: It doesn’t get any easier, just chop up fruit and put it on a skewer! You can usually find wooden skewers near the grilling supplies in the supermarket.

Crunchy and Sweet Snack Mix: Buy a bag of tropical dried fruit mix (I like Migros Brazilian mix, add dry cereal (I use Actilife Wellness Crisp, but use whichever crunchy cereal you like), and add seeds like pumpkin or sunflower. Mix together. Yummy!

Yogurt-Granola-Fruit Parfaits – layer unsweetened yogurt, fresh fruit, my amazing Super Granola, and perhaps a little drizzle of honey, and you have a great snack or easy after-dinner dessert!

Apple Nachos  — what you top your nachos with is completely up to you! I like to thinly slice apples, warm up a little nut butter, drizzle it over, then mix together unsweetened cocoa powder with a tablespoon or so of maple syrup, and drizzle that over as well. As you can imagine, this is a big hit when we have guests over after school!

Chocolate Pretzel Cherry Popcorn Balls – a healthier take on traditional popcorn balls, but your kids won’t know the difference! Made with popcorn, pretzels, nut butter, chocolate and dried cherries. (For those in Switzerland – sub dried cranberries for hard-to-find dried cherries, and chocolate chips and pretzel bits, instead of the chocolate-covered pretzels)

Traditional Trail Mix:  Mix mini pretzels, raisins, peanuts, almonds, and plain M&M’s (or chocolate chips) together. The salty-sweet combo is addictive!

Energy Muffins, recipe by Taste.com.au. I think I benefit most from the extra energy these give, haha, but the kids like them too 🙂

Oat Fruit and Nut Cookies, recipe by Better Homes and Gardens. Cookies. What kid doesn’t like cookies? 😉 These will help avoid that sugar-crash that comes with most cookies by adding whole grains and nuts.

Frozen yogurt pops with Fresh Fruit and a Pretzel Stick! How adorable is this idea? Just mix some plain yogurt (lightly sweetened with honey if you like) and some chopped fresh fruit, put into small paper or plastic cups (or popsicle molds), add your pretzel sticks, and freeze!

Wholewheat Tortilla and Strawberry Cream Cheese rolls-ups:  Spread a wholewheat tortilla with cream cheese, sprinkle with chopped strawberries, then roll the whole thing up and slice!

Frozen Banana Pops:  Slice a banana into thirds, insert sticks, then dip in your favorite spread (yogurt, nut butter, chocolate), roll or sprinkle with toppings, and freeze!

Zucchini-Walnut Bread:  This is super delicious, and your kids won’t even care that you actually call it zucchini bread (courgette loaf/cake). My kids somehow have not made the association 😉 (However, if you are in Switzerland, I wouldn’t send it to Kindergarten – our teacher thought it was cake and sent it home!)

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oat Squares (vegan and gluten free):  Got a kid who turns up their nose at pumpkin? Try making these bars from Ambitious Kitchen and they may change their mind! (For those in Switzerland – To make “canned pumpkin” – cook a pumpkin and then puree. Place the puree in a cheesecloth or clean dishtowel and let the liquid drain out over a bowl overnight in the fridge.)

I hope you find some great snacks here that your kids will love!


  1. Great ideas! I'll have to pin this post to keep them in mind!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Great ideas here -- That last one with the pumpkin looks amazing... Alnatura has jars of puree pumpkin, and I'm wondering if I could just use these? Still need to strain them, you think? My eldest has a few sensory issues that also transfer into food... it is slowly improving, but anything with texture and 'bits' whatsoever are a no-go. We make 'brownies' with puree beans, eggs, honey and cocoa, with a little flour. Also make beetroot muffins, with blended beetroot in a similar mix to your applesauce muffins :) They love that they are pink on top!
    • Johanna, I haven't seen the pureed pumpkin at Alnatura so I can't comment on it! If it's thick and "condensed" than it should work just fine! You don't want watery pumpkin, it should be quite solid.
  3. It's all about presentation, right? I love your snacks, and I wish there was someone who made them for me :-) Colin always loves food that has been cut out with a cool cookie cutter. Smiley faces, hearts, Eiffel towers (yes, really, hahaha!)
  4. I have saved this to my pint rest soon as i seen it earlier this week :) kiddies gonna love mummy's cooking :P
  5. So many good ideas! We love the fruit and veg kebabs, they have been a big hit with my daughter.
  6. Yum! Good ideas, thanks!
  7. What an useful list!! I am at lost when it comes to snacks and sweet things in general.. plus these recipes look fairly simple so I shouldn't fail! First on my list will be the apple sauce muffins as I have to improve my reputation after last week cupcake fiasco (I managed to put twice the amount of flour so it looked rather like an industrial glue fabrication)!!
  8. Beautiful pics and great ideas. Now I just need to motivate myself to get into the kitchen :)
  9. Great ideas here. I'm always looking for ways to fool our household (myself mostly) into eating more fruit!

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