Pop-Up Dinners with Farmy.ch and Us Liebi zum Ässe

Pop-Up Dinners with Farmy.ch and Us Liebi zum Ässe

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a Pop-Up dinner sponsored by Farmy.ch and cooked by André Candeias from Us Liebi zum Ässe.

The objective of Farmy.ch is to deliver local produce and other locally made goods, so that you can get the best of what locals have to offer without having to travel all over the place. I think it’s a brilliant concept, particularly if you live in the city and want to support excellent farms and producers (but don’t want to spend your time driving/taking public transport all around the Canton just to buy cheese and veg)! They also sell wine and other local specialities.

Fortunately for me, and maybe unfortunately for Farmy, I happen to live in the countryside and am surrounded by excellent farms, vineyards, and other great locally grown or produced fare. Many of which André uses in his cooking at the Farmy Pop-Up — lucky for us!


When I first heard about this Pop-Up dinner, I was naturally curious about the chefs. Taking a look at their website, I discovered these guys were actually my neighbors in the next town over and would soon be hosting several other dinners right in my own neighborhood! Having since attended a second food event catered by them, I would definitely recommend their catering services. Excellent and creative food!


Unfortunately, we arrived about 15 minutes late, due to some sporting event taking place nearby and an insane amount of traffic, even by rush hour standards. However, instead of getting the dreaded stink-eye (or worse, being shouted at), we were welcomed with a big smile and shown to our seats, offered wine and nearly immediately brought the first course (which most of our neighbours had already completed). The menu looked huge, but each course was a couple of small plates and it was just enough food to get a good idea of the flavours and textures of each dish. The theme was a day at a Swiss farm, so the courses were labeled “Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner and Dessert” (See Menu card below, in German)


For me, I think the two major highlights were the “Hunter Burger” made from local wild game, served with Grape-liquor jam and creamy cheese on a potato roll. I was afraid it would be dry, as wild game is not fatty enough for a juicy burger (and I’m super picky about burgers), but it was actually very moist. I wonder what was in there! And the sweet jam added a nice contrast to the cheese and meat.


My second favourite was the Pumpkin Soup with herbed wild mushrooms. The sauteed mushrooms were placed first in the bowl, then a dusting of charcoal powder inside the bowl, and some pumpkin seed oil, followed by the hot soup poured in at the table. It was a gorgeous presentation but I can’t say I fully understood the role of the charcoal powder (want to chime in, André?). It was a lovely soup nonetheless! I definitely need to make a pumpkin soup asap!

Soup before – sauteed wild mushrooms with pumpkin seeds and charcoal
Pumpkin soup after being stirred

I never received the promised schnapps for dessert, but it’s just as well, since I was driving 😉

My table-mates were a friendly bunch, and quite international. Everyone was in a good mood, lots of chatter and laughing – no doubt bolstered by good food and free-flowing wine, and I left feeling stuffed and quite happy.



I even got to take some free produce on my way out! I chose some apples, carrots, and a couple bunches of kale, which I promptly made some excellent kale chips with!

The NEXT Farmy.ch Pop Up Dinners are happening on 28 & 29 October — book your spot now! You definitely won’t regret it!

And, some coupons for 20.-CHF off your order at Farmy.ch! Leave me a comment below to let me know if you want one! First three people who ask shall receive!



  1. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun. I would love to go to one of these Pop-Up Dinners. And I love the Local concept. So Swiss. The Menu looked fantastic.

  2. I love the concept of the pop up dinner! Everything looks so delicious, too! I’ll have to check it out for a future date night!

  3. How fun! I wonder if there’s something similar on French side of Switzerland. Will have to investigate. 🙂

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