Classic Tex-Mex Enchiladas with Miele Switzerland

Classic Tex-Mex Enchiladas with Miele Switzerland

On Saturday 10 March 2018, I was very lucky to participate in a really fun day of cooking, food styling, and photography.  While browsing Instagram one day, I came across an advert asking people to submit their favorite recipe to be chosen to be part of the #SharedKitchen challenge, hosted by Miele Switzerland and Betty Bossi, where 5 winners would be chosen to cook a dish and have it professionally styled and photographed for their portfolio!

As styling and photography are a weak point for me, I of course mailed off a quick entry with my enchiladas recipe. Enchiladas are “ugly delicious”, a term recently coined and made popular by Dave Chang, and made into a Netflix series of the same name.  I love to eat them, but they are very difficult to make attractive in a photo!

Miracle of all miracles, I won a spot in the challenge! I went off to the Miele showroom and test kitchen in Spreitenbach, a gorgeous room full of the top end appliances made by Miele. (Drool!!)

The Betty Bossi Profi cooks who assisted us in preparing our dishes were Anastasia of Ana + Nina/DishUp, Katharina, a recipe developer for Betti Bossi, and Adrian, a chef who writes and cooks as chefSKILLS.  The photo of my enchiladas was styled by Claudia Schilling and photographed by Marco Zaugg.  I bow in front of their skills!

In addition to the gorgeous photo above, Miele have graciously published my recipe on their website (in German)!  You can view the Enchiladas on the Miele website, or download a PDF here.

If you make them, please come back and comment and let me know what you think!

and and and…..

Exciting News! I’ve begun a new venture called Lone Star Kitchen, where I will give cooking courses focused on Tex-Mex cuisine and Southern U.S. classics. I’m so excited to share this cuisine with local people in Switzerland. I love to cook this type of food, but I haven’t really shared it with you much! Now I can share it with you in person!

I will also be teaching this enchiladas recipe as part of my Tex-Mex Basics Cooking Course on 5 May 2018. This course will take place in 8427 Freienstein, ZH.

More info and sign up for the course here:


photo courtesy of Miele Switzerland



  1. This looks so yummy. I need to try it!
  2. Congratulations on making the Miele project - way to go! That picture is perfect - the one with you, and of course the food doesn't look shabby either ;-) Yeah, tell me about ugly delicious, I feel lasagna and shepherd's pie belong in that category as well. The pitfall is that you want to serve it while it's hot. If you just let it cool and set for a while it'd be much easier and presentable. Why can't we have it all? Looking forward to 5/5 - my friend and I are going to draw sticks on who has to drive - because, margaritas!
  3. Enchiladas are my favorite, often my birthday food when i was growing up. My kids won't eat them sadly, too different from tacos for them, which I can't understand. Beautiful photos and congrats on the new project!
  4. How exciting! Congratulations on the Miele project! I had a craving for Mexican just last week, so I made some burritos, but it wasn't the same as in the USA (we lived on the west coast for a year). Your courses look great, I wish I lived closer to Zurich. Let me know if you ever decide to "tour" your courses to Lausanne or Geneva... always a possibility! ;)
  5. Wow! So much cool news all in one post! I want to take your cooking class! Also, congrats on winning that cool contest! Also, I miss Mexican food. I'm going to try your recipe. Now I can only think about Mexican food...
  6. So awesome! I love how they were able to make enchiladas look so pretty! Mexican is for sure my favorite, I even make my own tortillas 😂, so I will be sure to try your recipe! Now get CH to open up decent Mexican restaurants!!

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