Delicious Vegetarian Meals for the Grill

Delicious Vegetarian Meals for the Grill

Before we lose these last warm days of summer, invite some friends and family over, and get the grill going — because I have some great vegetarian ideas for you!┬á I’ve put together an easy vegetarian meal inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, that will definitely make you want to kick your shoes off, cozy up the table, pour a glass of chilled wine, and… eat! (Now if you could just get those friends or family to do the dishes, you’ll be all set… ­čśë )

Start off with this amazing grilled salad – yes, grilled salad! Turn that traditional starter on its head, and grill up some heads of romaine, and top them with a cool creamy Green Goddess salad dressing. All those fresh herbs will make your tastebuds sing!

Then serve an antipasti platter filled with vegetables that you already grilled, and left to marinate in red wine vinegar and herbs. It’s make-ahead bliss! A big crusty baguette is all you need to make this dish complete.

And now for the main dish – a dish that’s easy to make, but looks complex and has many levels of flavor: Grilled Aubergine over Israeli Couscous. With grilled aubergines, large pearl couscous, feta, pomegranate, mint, grilled peppers, cool yogurt and some hummus – this meal is a delight. Like stepping right into a middle eastern holiday!┬á Wow your friends by puffing up some homemade pitas right on the grill… or make them in advance and sit back while everyone is delighted at how great they taste.

All that you need to end your night is a cool lemon sorbet with a couple fresh mint leaves on top. After such a lovely vegetarian feast, all that’s left to do is enjoy the evening!

Recipes can be found here:  Three Vegetarian Dishes for the Grill


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